Made For Every Body

The Adaptive Collection upgrades classic JanSport styling with features that make everyday things easier.

What is the Adaptive Collection?

The Adaptive Collection brings together the style you know and love from JanSport with the function of device specific pack. We’ve been working with and listening to people with disabilities to find out what they wanted from their JanSport. The result: the JanSport Adaptive Backpack and Adaptive Crossbody.

When Will the Adaptive Collection Launch In New Zealand?

The Adaptive Collection is only available in the US/EU for now but we hope to expand in the future!

The Adaptive Collection is in the process of being tested so it can meet the safety standards for each country and currently undergoing thorough legal reviews before it can be launched in individual countries like New Zealand.

So, while we don't have a release date just yet - we're working hard to make sure we can share this collection with everyone.

We know that you'll be super excited to become a part of this journey with us, so we'd like to keep you updated along the way.

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