Four Ways To Style A Tote Bag

Four Ways To Style A Tote Bag

If you have a tote bag, you know the struggle of making sure you have everything before you leave the house and then running into the next problem of matching your fit.  

I love taking my tote everywhere. Whether I’m going to work, a day out with the girls, or running some quick errands. So, here are some ways I style my tote for that effortlessly casual look that is a must-have closet staple no matter where I go. 


For University 

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To get you through those annoying 2-hour lectures, comfort is essential at university. This is why I have thrown on a warm jumper and jeans for an effortlessly casual look. Just keep it lowkey by wearing your tote with basic colours and simple patterns if you want a classic everyday uni look.  

I also make sure to pack my MacBook, charger, and notebook in the main compartment and my cards, keys and AirPods in a secure pocket inside for when I’m on the train. Anything else like my lip balm, gum, hand sanitizer, mask, a couple of pens and highlighters (and my small umbrella if I can fit it) can just go in the front.  

Just chucking everything in your tote bag can make it look a lot like the inside of a trash can, so make sure you have enough pockets bonus if you have them for your drink bottle, keys, and wallet. 


For the Gym

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Now the gym can be that one place we dread (believe me, I know). Nevertheless, having a tote bag ready to grab on your way out is one less thing to worry about super early in the morning or when you’re just dropping off your stuff and grabbing your gym bag. Pack a towel, deodorant, earphones and a water bottle, and I find it super comfy to wear just leggings and a t-shirt with itA good idea is to find a tote with wide straps which will feel lighter on your shoulders when you’re tired after a session or gym class.  


For Work

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A plain tote can pretty much suit any job, whether you need to dress up formally or just need something casual to wear to work. I usually like to wear my tote with a black button-up shirt and flared pants, and I can dress up more if I need to without swapping for a different style of bag. Even coats, button-up shirts, and pants can look stylish and sophisticated with a tote if you want to dress it up more 


For a Day Out

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A tote is the perfect spacious and comfortable accessory to take along if you're going thrifting, exploring the city or going to the beach with your friends. It keeps everything accessible and organized, which makes life a little bit easier knowing nothing will get lost on a big day out.  

You also don’t have to worry about loud colours clashing with your tote, you could totally rock it casual or bold like I have by wearing it with a bright patterned tank top and casual jeans for that ultimate Insta worthy look.  

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